Md. voters will decide whether to allow same-sex marriage

I suggest that The Sun and the Maryland Court of Appeals of Maryland are in too much haste to agree with a too-loud, aggressive minority ("Another boost for same-sex marriage," May 21). The grant of a divorce for a same-sex couple who had married out-of-state was premature and wrong. Admittedly, under current public policy, laws could readily and easily be enacted which grant to civil unions of same-sex couples gone astray from the laws of nature, all of the very same rights and equal protection of the laws that married couples now enjoy.

Neither the court nor The Sun but only the people can decide what is and what is not repugnant to public policy in Maryland. Until the citizens of Maryland, by reason of a promised referendum, go to the voting booth and decide whether same-sex marriage is legal (even though currently prohibited by more than 31 states), Maryland courts and newspapers should withhold comment.

Robert Bair

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