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Where does all the lottery money go?

If Maryland is making so much from casinos and the lottery, why is it always broke?

I am so sick of the whining and belly aching of Maryland's tax and spend Democrats who, ad nauseam, continue to insist that we need more money for education, infrastructure, clean up of the Chesapeake Bay, giveaway programs, etc. I have never seen an accounting of where Maryland's proceeds go from our numerous lotteries and ever expanding casinos ("Sales spike as jackpot rises to $500 million," Feb. 11). Seems to me we could at least afford to cut most taxes and fees and still have money left over with those billions of dollars every year. Whose greedy pockets are being lined with all this money? Does The Sun even know or care enough to even investigate? My answer would be a resounding no!

Gail Householder, Marriottsville

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