A socialist rag strikes again [Letter]

Irresponsible left-wing pandering to the Democratic Party under the guise of journalism is reprehensible ("Anatomy of a smear," May 15). I'm 64 years old and can remember a time, long ago, when The Sun presented fair and unbiased editorials. The paper presented both sides of a story and offered a editorial opinion.

Nowadays, there is no open-mindedness in Sun editorials. Your opinions are always slanted to favor the extreme left-wing, but then you go further, mocking any position which is in contrast to your own. In my opinion, your paper has become a thinly-veiled state-sponsored socialist rag! Your writing has become cartoonish and self-serving.

Until you can present an honest, comprehensive opinion, I will confine my reading to your sports pages where thankfully, you have honest, legitimate journalists.

Stephen Woodall

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