'Dysfunctional' doesn't begin to describe Md.'s governor, legislature

Our governor and the legislative leadership have given new meaning to the word "dysfunctional" as a description of the state's legislative process. The ineptitude that was exhibited during the 90-day legislative session and the dishonest dialogue coming from our state leaders in the special session is astounding.

The governor proposed $1.2 billion in increased spending, then called it a "doomsday budget" when that amount was reduced by $500 million. The result — $700 million in new, increased spending and a tax increase to pay for it.

How in the devil is this a cut in spending? Will they stop at nothing to dupe the citizens of Maryland?

Of course, the mindless drones that pass as legislators once again fall at their leader's feet and passed the whole miserable mess without so much as a whimper of opposition.

It is all shameful beyond description.

R. Lawrence Koch Jr., Reisterstown

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