National PTA isn't wedded to Kindle

National PTA head says the organization's reading program isn't Kindle-specific.

The op-ed published on Feb. 26 about Amazon's Kindle and text to speech technology references Amazon's donation of Kindles to National PTA ("Bring back TTS, Kindle".

The PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle is a reading program that is designed to engage families in their children's efforts to become better readers because we have long recognized that when schools and families work together, students are more successful. The program provides schools and families a free set of tools and activities that can be used with physical books, Kindles and other e-book providers to engage children in reading, help them better understand reading fundamentals and inspire a lifelong love of literature.

The Kindle is not a requirement of the program — physical books, including those with Braille and audio remain an integral part of family reading. National PTA's goal is to get families more involved in their children's reading, and this program simply provides readers a new way to access books of all kinds.

It is a policy of National PTA to be inclusive to individuals from all backgrounds. The association makes every effort to develop programs and resources that support and appeal to students with varying factors including age, ethnicity, language and culture, gender, and mental or physical ability.

National PTA is proud to have teamed up with an organization such as Amazon that shares our passion for reading and supporting family literacy.

Otha Thornton, Alexandria, Va.

The writer is National PTA president.

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