Unemployed will always seek work [Letter]

I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry at one of the most egregious claims made by The Sun's editorial board ever. In your editorial, "Help for the jobless" (Jan. 9), you claim "experts" say when unemployment benefits expire or are reduced, people become so discouraged they often stop looking for work entirely. Whom might these "experts" be? Could they perhaps be liberal, Democratic politicians who want to ensure the votes of the poor and unemployed under the guise of "caring" so deeply for the disadvantaged?

If so, I wonder where and how they came up with such an outrageous, ridiculous claim. I guess the Sun expects its readers to believe that people will just crawl up into a ball and die of starvation when their unemployment benefits expire instead of trying even harder to find work and put food on the table!

The Sun should be ashamed of its blatant attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the unemployed expressly for political gain.

Gail Householder, Marriottsville

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