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Toronto fan: Sorry about the beer can, Baltimore

Who threw the beer at Hyun Soo Kim? Toronto fan says it was one 'goon' spoiling a great game.

I am a Toronto resident and die-hard Blue Jays fan. That being said, there is absolutely no room or excuse in any game for a fan to throw anything onto the playing area, be it in baseball, hockey, football or any other sport. What occurred during the wild card game between your Orioles and our Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre when a so-called fan threw a large can of beer onto the field, narrowly missing a player, is totally unacceptable ("Toronto police ask Blue Jays fan who threw beer to 'turn yourself in,'" Oct. 5).

I wish to apologize on behalf of my city and the great fans we have in all sports for the goon who threw this can during what was an exceptionally exciting game. Out of 50,000 fans, it only took one to ruin the mood and enjoyment of this great game. No player should have to be concerned with objects being thrown at them while engaged in playing any sport. This was a no-class gesture, and it reflects badly on an otherwise great city with passionate fans.

Torontonians are kind and considerate people, and this incident in no way reflects who we are. Even Toronto Mayor John Tory was incensed over this matter, and he spoke publicly condemning the actions of this can-throwing person, hoping that the police will be able to identify the responsible party and have him or her charged criminally.

To the entire Baltimore Orioles organization with its classy manager Buck Showalter and to the city of Baltimore, please accept my sincere apology and hope that this never occurs again.

Rick Romain, Toronto, Canada

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