Illegal immigration is destroying America [Letter]

While legal American workers obey our laws, pay their taxes and try to provide a decent life for their families, an endless line of illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico continues to pass through our unsecured border to endanger our economy and security.

These undocumented immigrants take advantage of our health care system, overcrowd our public schools and demand services they have not earned and do not deserve. They also bring diseases with them that are endangering our well being.

The illegals almost certainly cheat and don't pay their taxes, while funneling their illegally gotten gains back to Mexico and Central America. Some even collect welfare, demand food stamps and live on our taxpayer money.

Maryland, especially Montgomery County, has become a safe haven and sanctuary for undocumented immigrants who do not belong here. Our immigration laws must be enforced; instead of some kind of "dream amnesty" these undocumented workers should be deported back to their countries of origin.

November mid-term elections are on the horizon. We must elected conservative politicians who will support our immigration laws, secure our borders and put a immediate stop to this influx of immigrants who aim to destroy our economy and our homeland as we know it.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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