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What about the contractors on the illegal rehab?

Congratulations to the Baltimore housing department for taking aggressive action against a flagrant violator of housing codes designed to protect health and safety ("Canton rehab without permits could lead to jail," April 11), and to CityCouncilman James B. Kraft and the Baltimore City Council for adding a possible jail term of up to 90 days, in addition to fines, for doing work without permits. And praises should also go to the adjoining property owners for their perseverance in bringing these violations to the city's attention.

But there seems to be one part missing in the enforcement effort — there was no mention of any action taken against the contractors themselves who were gutting the house and doing shoddy and possibly unsafe work. All contractors know that work of this magnitude requires permits. There are laws on the books to prosecute these individuals as well.

Donald T. Torres, Ellicott City

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