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Governor's race was the Democrats' to lose — and they did

Democrats abandoned their principles in favor of negative ads

I hope in his inaugural address Larry Hogan gives thanks to his predecessor, Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley, as well as to the Democratic-controlled legislature for their great help in getting him elected.

In my more than 64 years of voting and participating in electoral politics — including several terms on the Democratic State Central Committee and two elections to the State Democratic Convention — I have never seen such a desertion of a candidate on the gubernatorial ticket by elected members of his own party.

This year it seems they all joined Mr. O'Malley in walking away from the Brown-Ulman campaign. The O'Malley March became the O'Malley Walk — to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and wherever else the his presidential hopes flickered, however dimly.

Our state senators and delegates apparently all "single shot" for themselves. I saw no literature or TV commercials with any of them explaining or defending the progressive programs that they voted for over the last eight years. Instead, we saw excessive funds spent on amateurish, negative TV ads against Mr. Hogan.

Not seeing even one district rally of voters, door knockers, or even literature distribution was to me a sign of the Democrats' total surrender to the Republican ticket and their party's low turnout on Election Day.

I wish Mr. Hogan well in working with the self-designated "Supreme Being of Annapolis," Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, and a selfish bunch of legislators who are intent only on getting themselves re-elected.

Jack Nolan, Baltimore

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