Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

Dems have made Md. a national laughingstock

For the future of this state, I hope and pray that Marylanders come to their senses and vote for the only person who can save Maryland: Larry Hogan.

Around the country Maryland is the butt of jokes. We are a laughingstock.

My son left Maryland to go to college at Auburn University in Alabama. When I visit him for football games, my strong Maryland accent is noticed immediately.

When asked where I'm from, and I say Maryland, the response is always the same: "Don't y'all got that tax when it rains; don't y'all get taxed when you flush the toilet; when are they gonna tax you for breathing?"

I immediately put my finger to my mouth to shush them and tell them not to give Maryland's Democrats any ideas because Democratic politicians will tax anything.

My son graduates in 2015 and he has already said that he is staying in the South and will only return to Maryland to visit. He knows the political climate here as opposed to down South.

Should Mr. Hogan not get elected and Lt. Gov. Antony Brown get in, I will be exiting this state sometime during the summer of 2015, and I can safely say that many other Marylanders will be joining me.

Robert E. Derencz, Fallston

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