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'Flexibility' on coal will cost Maryland dearly

Eliminating clean air rules amounts to a tax on the air we breathe.

Regarding your article "Hogan issues new smog-fighting rule with 'flexibility' for coal plants" (April 17), I was astounded that our new governor would consider choosing to protect the interests of a New Jersey corporation over the health and lives of Maryland families.

As someone who suffers from asthma, the prospect of allowing companies to jeopardize our well being by using the atmosphere as an open sewer is both disconcerting and morally reprehensible.

Power plant owner NRG should not get to continue raking in profits and jeopardizing our health by threatening to cut jobs. By choosing not to install pollution control technology that is readily available, NRG is basically passing this expense onto Maryland families in the form of emergency room bills, prescription co-pays and funeral costs.

Eliminating the clean air regulations and allowing NRG and others to pass these costs on amounts to a tax on the air we breathe, paid for by a huge subsidy to out-of-state energy corporations. This "air tax" is simply unacceptable.

Gov. Larry Hogan promised to be the "best environmental governor that's ever served." I think that he should keep his promise and start by reinstating the smog rules that were created to ensure that the air we breath isn't a hazard to our health.

Bill Deysher, Parkville

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