Health care act will spur competition among insurers

I work for a mid-size firm Baltimore, and our health insurance costs will rise only modestly in 2013. However, in talking to friends at local companies, their health insurers are raising rates exorbitantly in anticipation of the state health exchanges that will be established next year.

To give the devil his due, former President Richard Nixon talked about a national health care plan, Mitt Romney implemented one in Massachusetts in 2006, and President Barack Obama has been instrumental in getting a plan started nationwide for 2014.

Not only was the purpose of cheaper health care to enable people without health insurance to get it, but the idea was originally proposed to force competition among the health insurance companies that have had a stranglehold on costs for years.

The consensus among researchers is that it takes approximately 20 years for a new idea or proposal that might benefit the nation to move through our obstructionist Congress into implementation. Our Republicans and Democrats have not been about to jeopardize their relationships with the lobbyists and corporations by insisting on fair costs and competition in an industry that has become a monopoly.

Celie Hanauer, Abingdon

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