Harry Reid's failings are just the tip of the Democratic iceberg

In response to Jules Witcover's column ("Reid and Romney are playing fast and loose," Aug. 7) Harry Reid has been playing "loose" for a few years now, so anyone that pays attention to him is leading a less than fulfilling life. The man hasn't passed a budget in more than three years. I would be writing about his impeachment, but that is too logical for the big spenders in D.C.

Why don't you write about President Barack Obama borrowing 40 cents on every dollar his administration spends on top of our hard earned taxes rather than continuing to worry about what Mitt Romney does with his money?

No one seems to worry about President Obama's past life and his associations with card-carrying communists and the like. It's unbelievable that he gets a free pass all the time and the GOP gets harassed all the time.

The Sun needs its ombudsman back or someone that represents the people rather than big government.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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