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Ed Hale: Who has done more for Baltimore than Kevin Plank?

Ed Hale: Who has done more for Baltimore than Kevin Plank?

When I read the many negative comments about Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, I was shocked ("Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank responds to Trump tempest with letter to Baltimore," Feb. 15). How do people not appreciate Mr. Plank's success in business and his commitment to Baltimore? In my lifetime, I have not seen the likes of Mr. Plank. The effect of his success and commitment will last for generations here in Baltimore.

While Mr. Plank was being scrutinized by bureaucrats on the Port Covington Project, I can only imagine how he was being courted by business-friendly municipalities and states. Instead of leaving, he has continued investing and promoting the City. Next to Mayor/Gov. William Donald Schaefer and John Paterakis, there is no one who has committed to building a fallow part of the city while creating so many jobs than Mr. Plank.

Regarding his meeting with President Donald Trump, why not? If called by the president of the United States of America, I believe it is an obligation that you go. Had President Barack Obama called me, I would have met with him. I voted against him twice.

I am a friend of Mr. Plank, and I buy his products. I am proud to know him and thank him for all he has done.

Edwin F. Hale Sr., Baltimore

The writer is owner of the Baltimore Blast.

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