Baltimore isn't Le Mans

As we approach the second annual Baltimore Grand Prix, people are, once again, either very upbeat or adamantly opposed to this event ("Grand Prix rolls toward a less disruptive race," Aug. 21).

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has apparently dropped all her taxpayer pennies into one satchel in hopes of attracting revenue (and perhaps 10,000 new residents) to the area.

I am a fervent Baltimore sports fan, but I simply cannot condone reconfiguring the downtown streets and sidewalks for a motorcar race. It will certainly entertain for a few days but what about the negative aftereffects, such as the already-wheezing city air quality?

What about the downtown employees who have to alter their routes to work, or the trees that have been unnecessarily uprooted around the course?

The mayor should reconsider why we need this event to line City Hall's pockets. Must we remind Ms. Rawlings-Blake that she is the mayor of Baltimore, Md., not Le Mans, France?

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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