Ogden's Question 7 ad smacks of bullying

I've been bombarded with political ads showing Baltimore's mayor threatening to send former Ravens left tackle Jonathan Ogden to West Virginia to "straighten" out the folks there who are arguing against Question 7 ("Bullying, gambling and that Ogden ad," Nov. 1).

The referendum on expanded gambling aside, doesn't the mayor's office or anyone else realize that such ads promote bullying? What does that ad say to kids who are victims of bullying — or to their tormentors?

I think it's disgraceful for the mayor to be in such a commercial. Is Maryland so corrupt now that, in addition to suspecting our leaders will rob any new revenues the casinos might produce, we fear they'll resort to bullying in order to win?

It's disgusting that the mayor of Baltimore, with the help of a particularly large "big guy," has now publicly proclaimed that it's OK to threaten and bully in order to get one's way.

Douglas B. Hermann, Parkville

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