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If France can take Syrian refugees, so can we

If France can take Syrian refugees, so can we.

Why is it that the French government is welcoming 30,000 more refugees when governors of 31 here in America have said "no more Syrian refugees" ("Syrian refugees, advocates press Hogan to change course," Nov. 23)? They are succumbing to the desires of ISIS by taking such actions. None of the suspects of the Paris attacks were even Syrian — their Syrian passports were probably planted there to divide world opinion. Saying no to Syrian refugees is not being smart; it is ignorance. I am a proud Ahmadi Muslim American, but I can't help be ashamed of my nation's leaders right now. I am proud to be in the state of Virginia where my governor isn't unjust. My community promotes peace and has been a victim of persecution in Pakistan and Indonesia by major Islamic sects and now is being harassed in the West due the actions of ISIS — who are simply Muslim in name. This is the time we all need to be united and stand as one.

Aneela Wadan, Fairfax, Va.

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