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Md. should ban fracking

What kind of public hearing gives participants only a few hours to review pertinent information?

Gov. Larry Hogan's administration has just begun the process of developing fracking regulations, and they've already bungled it ("Proposed rules to govern fracking in Maryland draw criticism from environmentalists and energy industry," June 22). The first public meeting to discuss a set of issue papers on the regulations was held on June 22 in Cumberland where I live. I attended the meeting but was unable to comment as the issue papers had only been released just hours earlier. What's the point of having a meeting to discuss issue papers when stakeholders don't have time to read the papers before the meeting?

Governor Hogan shut me and many others out of this process by releasing these papers at the last minute and not allowing sufficient time for review. While Governor Hogan has said he wants open communications with the public, this process is anything but that. It's clear that this administration can't be trusted to manage this process, let alone protect us from fracking. Mr. Hogan and his administration clearly have the best interest of the oil and gas industry in mind as they write these regulations, as there is no evidence that any regulations can prevent the kind of disasters fracking has caused elsewhere.

If it is the goal of the Maryland General Assembly to actually protect the people of this state, as it should be, then they have no choice but to pass a statewide ban on fracking in 2017.

Pam Deering, Cumberland

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