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A plan to make 'food deserts' bloom

Why not enlist neighborhood teens to shop for and deliver groceries?

The so-called "food deserts" in poor city neighborhoods might be alleviated if the overabundance of taverns, package goods stores and bars were encouraged or forced to convert to groceries selling healthy foods ("Fresh produce giveaway highlights need to end food deserts in Baltimore," Nov. 21).

How about enlisting neighborhood teenagers to shop for and deliver groceries for the 34 percent of city families living more than a quarter-mile from a market who don't have access to a vehicle? That would be good for the families, some pocket money for the teens, and a little exercise in the bargain — a win-win all around.

Why can't we initiate programs to realign our priorities and emphasize healthy ways to live in our neighborhoods? Who will step up and address this problem instead of just bemoaning it?

Judy Chernak, Pikesville

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