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Md. film industry is worth preserving [Letter]

Kudos to Dawson Nolley for his exquisitely written letter ("Film tax credits pay off for Maryland," March 3).

As a lay person to the specifics of the TV and film production industry, I was certainly able to understand and empathize with the individuals and their families who are impacted. I think, too often, the "little guy" is overshadowed by the glitz and glamour associated with the celebrities involved in these productions, and it is certainly hard to worry about their lifestyles and salaries.

However, when the working, middle-class of our state — our friends and families — are affected, we should speak up and take a stand. Mr. Nolley makes an important point when he states that this is "an industry that already has a deeply rooted local infrastructure." The labor force is here in Maryland and open for expansion. In addition, Mr. Nolley as well as Jack Gerbes ("Senator faults administration effort to keep 'House of Cards,'" Feb. 21) reminds us all that these productions have "generated hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact for Maryland, including providing thousands of jobs."

With several large companies leaving Maryland recently and the current administration imposing taxes that have caused many of the families that I know to question whether they want to continue to live and/or retire in this state, let's hope that Annapolis gets it right and continues to fund this positive incentive for Maryland families.

Mr. Nolley's letter made it crystal clear that there are benefits for all Marylanders when we welcome the TV and film industry to our state. And as noted by Jed Dietz of the Maryland Film Festival, "If we kicked them out, it would take us years to get our credibility back."

Maureen Craig Matteo, Dundalk

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