Pilots' eviction from Essex Skypark shows the greed of Baltimore County politicians

In another example of state and local government's abuse of power, Baltimore County officials have taken it upon themselves to evict pilots from the Essex SkyPark, a site they have occupied for 60 years. All of the members of the Essex SkyPark Association are middle-class, hard-working people who have been responsible members of the Essex community.

The real truth is that county officials are exercising their power for money. The county's intent is to use the 500 acres of the air park as a forest mitigation bank to charge county developers fees to offset their environmental responsibilities.

The Sky Park occupies 40 of the reserve's 500 acres. Why not let the tenants remain and eliminate greed from the equation?

This is another example of the abuse of county authority. Congratulations to the County Executive Kevin Kamentz for his unique way of developing trust in government among middle-class residents in Baltimore County.

Barbara Hohman, Baltimore

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