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Putting elephants in the circus is barbaric

Keeping elephants or other animals captive for human enjoyment is barbaric.

Elephants are highly intelligent beings with complex physical, emotional and social needs that are not met by chaining them to floors or making them stand on their heads ("Ringling Bros. packing its elephants' trunks, conceiving circus without pachyderms," March 15). Parents who wish to foster a love of animals and teach respect for all life can subscribe to children's magazines such as Ranger Rick through the National Wildlife Federation, watch elephants roam hundreds of acres on the EleCam video stream of the Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee, or take advantage of outdoor children's educational activities offered at any local park or nature organization. People of all ages can benefit from the relaxation and joy of watching animals in their natural habitats. My 92-year-old mother has restricted movement yet loves to watch an osprey family raise its young on the Osprey-Cam of the Chesapeake Conservancy. Confining animals for the entertainment of people is outmoded thinking that is being replaced by enlightened compassion.

Carol Sutton, Belcamp

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