Give the new Egyptian president a chance

Al Eisner, in his letter, "Egyptian election is tragic" (June 29), has substituted opinion for fact when he calls the Muslim Brotherhood "a virulent anti-Semitic organization." Anti-Zionist, yes; but he provides no evidence whatsoever that it is anti-Semitic.

Mr. Eisner shows no compassion for the Egyptian people who suffered for so many years under the brutal dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. Instead, his concern is only for Israel and what Egypt's new government might mean for Egyptian/Israel relations and also for U.S./Israel relations.

Israel likes to tout itself as being the only democracy in the region (even though it is not a democracy, but an ethnocracy). Now that Egypt has a democratically-elected government, it can no longer claim this (although it will no doubt still try). President Mohamed Morsi has vowed to form an inclusive government, with women and Christians among his deputies. I hope that the powers who would like to see Egypt fail will not succeed in interfering in Egypt's democratic process.

Doris Rausch, Columbia

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