Trudeau tells the truth about anti-abortion fanatics

Ouch! Apparently the truth hurts, as evidenced by the visceral reaction to last week's "Doonesbury" cartoons. The strip dealt honestly and pulled no punches about the utter hypocrisy and lack of morals of the so-called "right to life" zealots.

They're upset that Gary Trudeau dared to utter the truth about anti-abortion fanatics — that they don't so much hate abortion as they hate women, especially women who refuse to live their lives barefoot, pregnant and chained to a stove.

These people will do any disgusting thing to force their so-called "religion" on other people, even if that includes the forced penetration of women with foreign objects — in this case, intrusive ultrasound wands. In their sick, perverted minds any vile, hateful action is justified if it allows them to force their "faith" on everyone else.

What next — will these so called "right-to-life" true believers start strapping on explosive vests and blowing themselves up in doctors' offices? After all, that's how other religious extremists express their disapproval of anything they don't like.

William Smith, Baltimore

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