Proposed Dominion LNG plant threatens Lusby community [Letter]

Last week there was a gas leak on Solomon's Island. The authorities didn't shut down the island and evacuate residents because it was believed driving by the leak could be more harmful that staying put.

In nearby Lusby, Dominion has plans to expand its present facility to export huge amounts of highly flammable liquefied natural gas ("Cove Point zoning exemption overturned," Aug. 12).

As we look at this latest gas leak and the possibility that there could have been a gas fire there, we need to ask ourselves why this LNG plant is being built near a populated area. The plant will have potentially explosive chemicals, including aqueous ammonia, propane, ethane, acid gases and cancer-causing benzene that could trigger a fireball within three miles of a nuclear power plant, a park, homes, schools and churches. The amounts of propane and LNG on the site will be massive.

Citizens need to speak out for the safety of our children, our community and our life on the Chesapeake Bay. Locating such a dangerous facility so close to a populated area is irresponsible beyond belief.

Our country tested the nuclear bomb before using it. There has been no testing before allowing this potential bomb to be built in our community.

We need at minimum a quantitative risk assessment and a community meeting to discuss emergency response and evacuation plans.

Yvonne Micheli, Lusby

The writer is a member of Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community.

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