What deserving woman's slot did Sheila Dixon take?

You cannot begin to imagine how disappointed I was to see former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon not only included in The Sun Magazine special edition "50 Women to Watch," but listed as number eight! Perhaps you might have included her as No. 51 with the caveat that she is a "woman to watch (out for)" following her 2009 conviction of embezzlement for stealing gift cards intended for poor residents!

"A misdemeanor conviction" — really! And, following her conviction she barely avoided prosecution in 2012 on charges of probation violation. This is exemplifies the depths to which our moral compass has descended. This behavior should not be lauded and frankly diminishes the honor that should accompany this recognition for the other 49 women included in this list.

Many dedicated women in the medical, educational, business and political community were overlooked for Baltimore's ex-mayor who had to resign in disgrace.

Shame on you!

Joan S. Stephens, Owings Mills

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