Decriminalization doesn't go far enough [Letter]

Marijuana decriminalization keeps in place the tax-free, gangster-subsidizing, anarchistic black market for pot ("O'Malley signs 'Jake's Law,' marijuana decriminalization," April 14).

Only complete legalization deprives the gangsters of the $193.1 million a year that retail pot sales are worth in Maryland. That's based on Colorado's $14 million first-month retail sales of pot.

The actual gateway to pot for kids is the existing prohibition. Politicians who support the continued prohibition of pot, including decriminalization, are only supporting the gangsters and abusers having unfettered, tax-free access to kids on the street.

Only legalization slams that gateway shut, putting regulated, licensed — and tax-paying — responsible adults in place as the gate-keepers between kids and pot for the first time in history.

Pat Rogers, Norristown, Pa.

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