Why can't government live within its means like the rest of us?

Regarding you editorial "Twice as nice" (April 25), my wife and I along with our kids went through credit card debt not once but twice. The second time we had to cut up the credit cards and simply decide that if we couldn't afford something, we wouldn't buy it. (Of course there were exceptions, such as medical emergencies.)

What has always bothered me about government spending when as a nation we find ourselves deeply in debt — to the tune of some $15 trillion currently — the government always threatens to cut police, firemen, teachers or other vital public services. Why not spread the cuts around to non-vital services or make across-the-board reductions?

Many of us in the private sector often work with few wage increases. But the government seems to not have to live by the same rules. We just can't continue to spend money we don't have.

Maybe if the government had to tighten its spending and do without a little, it would appreciate how difficult it is to get out of debt, and then maybe it would decide to stay out of debt, just as most taxpayers must do. We've did without, and we're better off for it.

Will Swoboda

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