Cove Point: We pay, Dominion profits [Letter]

I disagree with Rep. John Delaney that Cove Point should be approved as a liquid natural gas export facility ("Natural gas is the right choice for the U.S.," April 2).

The harm that will come from such approval is immeasurable and the brunt will be borne by the people of Maryland, not to mention those to the north and west who are currently being "fracked."

I live in Myersville, a small community in Frederick County. Dominion Resources came to Myersville with a plan to build an oversized natural gas compressor station at the gateway to our town. When the town council did not accept a change to the master zoning plan at Dominion's request, the company sued.

Dominion and its friends at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will not be satisfied until natural gas gets pushed faster down the line to export. And here's how that's done: Myersville gets the ugly and dangerous infrastructure, the air pollution, the noise, etc., and Dominion rakes in the profits.

The people of Lusby get their safety and quality of life comprised. The Chesapeake Bay is further degraded no matter how many rain and flush taxes we pay.

Congressman Delaney should pay closer attention to the negative impact on our state and our citizens rather than sacrifice us as a foreign policy pawn or sell us out to the highest corporate bidder.

Tammy Mangan, Myersville

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