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Birth control in schools: Times have changed, and we must change with them

Birth control in schools: Times have changed, and we must change with them.

The front-page Sun article "School birth control debated" (June 7) deserved the big headline. It is time for everyone to review the present and not the past. Thirty years ago, we would not have blinked an eye: Our parents would have said no to birth control; case closed. That was then, the good old days.

Today's kids see a different way of life. Despite parents, God and morality, they have a dissimilar view about what they want. The view is not going to change. The presence of the Millennials determines the way ahead.

The debate should be that parents and pastors may not have the control that once was the norm. The 21st century is demonstrating a dismissal of morality. Our young residents are involved in sexual activity. It is their present way of life. Our young people have been exposed to events that most of us experienced much later. Their minds are filled with adult exposures: flights on jet planes, visits to foreign lands at seven years old, and the computer. They have no need to know about a coal fired furnace.

If this is the new way, society must step in and, at least, provide our rookies with birth control tools. These kids are going to become adults. Without the burden of an unwanted pregnancy, they can continue education and careers. The kids, some day in the future may thank their parents, God, society and The Sun for debating the issue today and, protecting their futures from a profound premature burden, an unintended child.

John Holter, Baltimore

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