Conaway: My views on evolution are not pertinent

What does the theory of evolution have to do with serving in the House of Delegates?

While I'm sure your readers appreciate your publication's latest attempt at articulating my disbelief in Darwin's theory of evolution, I'm sure they were left wondering just what the article had to do with my service as an elected representative in the Maryland House of Delegates ("State delegate removes rambling videos," Oct. 22).

My rejection in the belief that man evolved from monkeys is of less concern to the voters of the 40th District than my rejection of the excessive tax burden that's been placed on my constituents by a majority of my colleagues over the past eight years. Or my belief in ensuring the health and well-being of the citizenry as well as the men and women in blue through my leadership on the issue of requiring cameras to be placed on the uniforms of law enforcement officers.

Maybe it's my belief in requiring the government to reimburse those citizens who may have lost their hard-earned wages when having to contest erroneous speed camera tickets. It is my unwavering belief in the effective representation of all the people regardless of their differing values, beliefs and viewpoints which has led me to humbly continue in my service in the legislature and has led to my effective re-election for a third term in Annapolis.

Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr., Baltimore

The writer, a Democrat, represents the 40th District in the House of Delegates.

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