Why Common Core is a bad idea [Letter]

Any citizen wanting to get up to speed on the Common Core standards and why they concern so many people could learn much from reporter Krishana Davis' recent article ("No common ground in Harford for new curriculum standards," Jan. 24).

In a nutshell, here is why this rollout of national education standards is hugely problematic:

Parents and teachers were never given a chance to influence the shaping and adoption of the standards. Now teachers' performance will be judged on how their students do with an unproven, one-size-fits-all system concocted by a handful of education theorists. And parents will submit their children to online assessments without any idea of the kinds of questions to which they will be subjected.

Not at all a minor consideration is the exorbitant cost of the technology needed to make all this happen.

Isn't it time for the people's elected representatives to push a "pause" button before this runaway standardization reaches a point of no return?

Robert Holland, Chicago

The writer is senior fellow for education policy at the Heartland Institute.

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