Clean up your @&%$)# comic strip

Lately, I have become increasingly put off by Stephan Pastis' comic strip, Pearls Before Swine. I enjoy reading the strip but it seems lately there has been a lot more swearing by his characters. The problem I have is that my three children read every comic every day and short of cutting the strip out of the paper, there isn't any way that I could prevent them from reading it.

I have had conversations with each of them about swearing and using inappropriate language and I think they understand. I realize they are going to hear cussing in school, in movies and on television but but these are comic strips and there is an expectation for comics to be geared to young people.

Of course, I understand that many of the comics are adult in nature: Dilbert, Non Sequitur, For Better or Worse to name a few. Then there is Doonesbury which a long time ago was moved to the op-ed section. Perhaps Pearls should be relocated to a different section of the newspaper, too. Seriously, this is getting @#$$#$% ridiculous!

Stephen Lay, Columbia

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