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My Comcast headache [Letter]

I got about halfway through Comcast's recent letter to the editor and then it started to sound like "small print" and I lost track of what was being said ("Comcast provides competitive services in Baltimore," July 9).

What was that gobbledygook? This is an example of Comcast's service.

Sometime ago I complained about having to pay for extra boxes that originally were promoted as free, smaller than the free government boxes and providing more channels. Using the small box that I paid for I could always get limited basic service that included CNN. That ended with my most recent renewal of service.

Now I can only get the local stations that I could have gotten with the free government box, which I don't have. When I called Comcast, I was told that the box had been "re-encrypted" and that a notice about this had been on one of my bills.

That sounded like Comcast VP Tom Coughlan's "clear" communication in his letter to The Sun. Meanwhile, I have yet to find the notice on my bill.

Judy Rhoades, Baltimore

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