Morici's short-sighted view of climate change

China is actually cutting carbon emissions faster than the U.S.

Peter Morici's commentary "2015 Paris Climate Conference: Another bad deal for America" (Nov. 30) couldn't be more wrong in its view that the consequences of a climate deal would leave most Americans worse off than they are now.

Since when is reducing our smog, emissions, particulates, acid rain and other pollutants from the burning of fossil fuels going to be bad for Americans? We all have to breathe that stuff, remember?

The piece's let-someone-else-do-it approach to solving a global problem is typically short-sighted political commentary that avoids the truth. We teach our kids to do what's right independently of what everyone else is doing. The same goes for grownups who face reality.

The truth is that though China may only be only able to stop increasing its emissions by 2030, it is still doing so at a faster rate than we are. When the air was impossible to breathe during the Beijing Olympics, their people got the message: Our current lifestyles are unsustainable.

Just last year, China installed more solar and wind in one year than all of Europe combined. And even Europe is beating the U.S. Too bad for China that cutting back on coal is like trying to stop a speeding freight train. Although their train wont stop and begin to reverse until 2030, they are applying the brakes harder and faster that the U.S. is.

We need to stop making excuses and stop whining for someone else to solve the problem until we agree to finally do everything we can to solve the problem.

Bob Bruninga, Glen Burnie

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