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Clean up Maryland's coal-fired plants

We have the worst air quality on the East Coast.

I was extremely disappointed to see that one of Gov. Larry Hogan's first acts as new governor was to cancel already approved regulations that would help clean up our state's dirtiest coal-fired power plants.

As op-ed writers Dana M. Stein, Shirley Nathan-Pulliam and Laurel Peltier recently noted, Maryland has the worst air quality on the East Coast because its coal plants have not adopted existing technology that would scrub their exhausts ("State 'smog regulations' ensure bad air quality," May 17).

Mr. Hogan was elected because his opponent, former Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, practically "phoned-in" his campaign amid a pathetically low voter turnout.

If there was a mandate for Mr. Hogan, it was for efficient and cost-effective state governance with an eye toward reducing taxes and encouraging new business growth.

I don't believe Marylanders elected Mr. Hogan to reverse steps already in place to clean up our air quality, which is the worst in the region.

The morning after Election Day, The Sun ran a front-page picture of Mr. Hogan holding aloft his young granddaughter in triumph.

Mr. Hogan, his family and granddaughter are all residents of Maryland. Don't they, and the rest of us, deserve better air quality when the technology exists (and is widely used elsewhere) to clean it up?

David Wagenheim, Towson

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