Ben Carson not worst Trump appointee, but he's in the running

It was a real pleasure to read “Ben Carson’s once-shining image takes a hit in city” (Aug. 21). I immediately thought of Donald Trump’s sardonic comment about “draining the swamp.”

Surely, no one really believed The Donald. Looking closely at the make-up of the Trump administration, it is a rogue’s gallery. One wonders where he found this crew of misanthropes. Thankfully, some are already gone, and I hope more will walk the plank.

Who is the worst Trump appointee? Many would qualify. But Scott Pruitt, the former EPA administrator, was a daily train wreck and his anti-environmental policies made him a contributor to climate chaos.

However, Ben Carson deserves some consideration, as he has been attacking the poor rather than providing succor. President Trump’s cabinet members have all declared war on the poor while enriching themselves and the wealthy elite. Massive tax breaks for the oligarchs and rental increases for those living in public housing. And there is the enormous military budget which is accompanied by cutbacks to social services.

But then there is the drip, drip, drip of indictments, convictions and guilty pleas. Let us hope that the legal system will continue to work its way through the Trump presidency so that this “Reality Show” ends with the departure of Mr. Trump, Dr. Carson and the others. This would be a fitting end to that noxious notion of “Make America Great Again.”

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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