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Boycott movement aims for Israel's destruction

BDS supporters want to replace it with another Arab dictatorship.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel is not, as commentator Yousef Munayyer claims, an effort to make Israel comply with international and humanitarian law ("Cardin, don't tie U.S. hands for Israel," April 21).

The BDS movement exists to destroy Israel, with the ultimate objective being to replace it with creation of yet another Arab dictatorship in the Middle East.

How else to explain the apathy of the BDS movement toward human rights abuses elsewhere in the Middle East, including those in the Palestinian territories themselves?

Hamas has governed Gaza since 2007. The Palestinian Authority has governed the Palestinian populated areas of the West Bank since 1994. Both entities have become paragons of corruption and human rights abuses.

The failure to achieve a two-state solution has nothing to do with the so-called settlements, which take up less than 2 percent of the area known as the West Bank.

Instead, it is the result of the Palestinian Arab leadership's own refusal of every offer of a two-state solution Israel has made since 1947.

Darren Margolis, Cockeysville

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