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Wake up to Democratic lies

How can voters possibly support a liar like Hillary Clinton?

I don't feel sorry for the two Democratic presidential candidates. One, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, lied about the attack on the American Consulate by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi, Libya that killed four brave Americans including our Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Secretary Clinton also lied about storing top secret information on her unprotected private server for four years. She lies about lying. The FBI is currently investigating her criminal actions. Their second candidate is a devout socialist and communist who wants to create a liberal progressive welfare state. Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world and never will. A recent example is socialist Venezuela. Socialism does not create wealth, it destroys wealth.

President Barack Obama has completely disregarded the U.S. Constitution for the past seven years. He ignores Congress and uses executive power like he is a dictator. Sixty percent of illegal immigrants who are identified as criminals are not deported because of President Obama. It is utter lawlessness what is happening with illegals coming from Mexico and Muslim refugees coming from Middle East and North Africa.

The leaders in the Democratic Party like Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi vilified and showed open hostility to President George W. Bush during the Iraq war when he was the president of the United States. The same liberals are now denouncing Republicans for showing their strong disagreement with President Obama on policies. As a matter of fact, President Obama has shown open hostility to the Republicans and their leadership in the House and the Senate. His policies have been a complete failure both domestic and foreign. The Middle East is falling apart under President Obama. The Christians are being beheaded and slaughtered in Iraq and Syria and President Obama keeps quiet about the atrocities committed by the Muslim jihadists like a group called ISIS. Domestically, Obamacare is a disaster and should be repealed and replaced. Remember, the lies from President Obama that you can keep your doctor and you can keep your health plan and the premiums will go down? None of that is true. Hardworking people have their deductibles and premiums are sky-high and they are the ones supporting people on Medicaid.

The country should wake up to the lies of liberal Democrats by defeating a lying candidate, Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Bharat B. Agrawal, Mount Airy

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