Campaign sign blight [Letter]

In response to Michael Dresser's May 28th article that describes Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown's campaign treasury as having over $4 million cash on hand ("Brown raises $1.2 million in 6 weeks," May 28), it is worth pointing out that some of this money goes to the campaign signs that end up on vacant houses and blighted structures throughout the city. In my district, major culprits include the Brown/Ulman ticket, Doc Cheatham, and the ubiquitous Conaways. But no ticket appears on more vacant buildings than the signs encouraging the re-election of Joan Carter Conway, Maggie McIntosh, Curt Anderson and Mary Washington. I find it ignorant, disrespectful, and pompous to use a symbol of failure such as Baltimore's widespread urban blight as a bulletin board for their self-promotion, particularly when their collective tenures have done so little to address the vast disrepair in these communities. It is fitting though, as re-election of those who post their bills on vacant buildings likely indicates more of the same down the road.

Patrick Dieter, Baltimore

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