Don't blame W. for everything

Sunday morning I read with interest the editorial, "Misoverestimating Bush," (April 28). It appears to me that both the writer and The Sun's editorial board forgot a valuable lesson of moral guidance that our parents and others in our lives imparted to us: When you point the finger at someone, it is also pointing back at you.

The way I like to phrase it is what someone says about someone else, particularly in politics, says much more about the speaker than it does the person they are discussing.

While there is much to learn from George W. Bush's presidency, both how to and how not to govern, there is one overriding lesson we as citizens should have learned in the last 12 years under both Presidents Bush and Barack Obama. It is time to stop looking to Washington to solve all of our problems and pull together in our homes, work life, social life, and other institutions in which we participate to generate solutions.

Government at all levels has responsibilities and plays a role in our lives and we need to hold our leaders accountable at the ballot box. However, government is not the solution for mending our social fabric or the agent for solving all of our modern dilemmas.

Mel Martin, Fallston

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