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The bullying adults endorse every day

There's been a lot of conversation about bullying lately and a big push to stop bullying of children in schools and on-line. I find all this outrage at bullying hypocritical on the part of the adults, school system, pundits, etc. Children learn by the examples set by the adults in their lives. If adults didn't reward bullying behavior, our children would not bully.

You say you abhor bullies and would never reward them? How many reality TV shows do you watch where you root for the obnoxious person that insults, slaps, "takes down," or votes off a lesser, weaker individual? Think about the behavior on shows like "Real Housewives,""Jersey Shore,""Survivor," or "Bad Girls." You get my drift. The fact that these shows are so popular reflects a society that thrives on and applauds picking on people, getting the best of someone, and otherwise acting as if they are the smartest, coolest, richest, most beautiful, talented one, and everyone else is crap.

Your kids see this. They probably watch these shows with you. I wonder how much of this behavior you do yourself on a daily basis. Do you gloat when you've gotten the best of someone in an argument over a parking space? If you've told someone off, are you gleeful? If so, then you are exhibiting bullying behavior. Think about it. You could end bullying by behaving like an adult and expressing disapproval of bullying behavior — and stop watching those damn reality shows!

Joanne Tarr, Cockeysville

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