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Why isn't there enough money to sustain the governor's promised tax cuts?

Why isn't there enough money to sustain the governor's promised tax cuts?

Regarding your recent editorial criticizing Gov. Larry Hogan for submitting cuts in education funding, I am among the majority of Marylanders who favored Mr. Hogan in the last election because we supported his proposed budget cuts and call for fiscal responsibility and accountability ("Hogan, Busch meet as budget conference drags," April 7).

Before legislators vote on any increases in the education budget, I would remind them that in 2012 former Gov. Martin O'Malley stated that expanded casino gambling would mean "hundreds of millions of dollars" for our schools.

The referendum permitting this expansion passed, and the Educational Trust Fund that was supposed to receive a large portion of the new gambling proceeds. Those who supported the referendum would be very surprised at how the casino companies' cut and other state-funded programs have reduced the share of casino revenue that goes into the educational fund.

If this money had been handled in the way advertised, education should be receiving a very healthy amount of funding so that taxpayers have to only minimally supplement education rather than bear the full burden of the education budget.

A complete overhaul of the accounting of gambling revenue is desperately needed to prevent misdirection to unintended uses and to assure that the state is receiving its fair share.

Kimberly Gust, Arnold

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