Brown plays up race

The recent article by Erin Cox concerning Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's speech on race and public office seems to support what Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler said about the lieutenant governor ("Brown offers observations on race and officials' responsibility," Aug. 17).

The article reports that while addressing the Diversity Caucus, Mr. Brown said that African-American elected officials have a "responsibility borne of expectations" to advocate for minority communities. In the article, the lieutenant governor is quoted as having previously said, "As African-American leaders, we have the unique responsibility to ensure that our service also focuses on the particular challenges and needs, hopes and dreams of the African-American community." Why should an elected official give more support to one group of people as opposed to another? Aren't we all equal and deserving of the same level of representation?

The article reports that Mr. Brown has told reporters the campaign should be focused on candidates' records. It sounds to me that the lieutenant governor wants to make his race a part of his record.

Melvin Lindsay, Baltimore

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