Reimer wrong on birth control flap

In response to Susan Reimer's column ("Women will remember in November," March 12), it is amazing to me that she, and others cannot see through the fog that is being intentionally created by President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

No one on the right is calling for additional restrictions on birth control or contraceptive access. The debate has nothing to do with birth control and women's rights. It is, however, about something more important, and that is the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which all politicians have taken an oath to uphold and support. President Obama has, under recently-adopted regulations stemming from his health care reform law, dictated that Catholic and other religious institutions and employers (and their insurance providers) must provide certain free birth control and contraceptive means and services, which are contrary to their basic religious tenets and beliefs. That is a violation of the First Amendment. I am not Catholic, but an assault on their First Amendment liberties should concern us all.

To couch the issues and debate as an assault on birth control, as Ms. Reimer does, is not only wrong, but it serves to further the Obama administration's real purpose, which is to call attention to social, class, and sexual issues and away from what is really important and vital in the coming election — that is Mr. Obama's dismal record on the economy, jobs, taxes, debt and unemployment.

Paul F. Robinson, Baltimore

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