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Bike lane comes up short

Is this any way to make Roland Avenue safer for bikers?

The recently painted bicycle lanes on Roland Avenue just south of the site of the bicycle fatality 13 months ago will not protect bike riders, pedestrians including students and motor vehicle drivers.

As the driver of a car, can you imagine switching lanes 15 times in 1.2 miles? You would need to look in your side view mirror to check for oncoming traffic while still focusing straight ahead to ensure that the road is clear in your direction of travel. That's what bicycle riders are now required to do on the 1.2 mile, newly painted bike lanes on Roland in both directions between Cold Spring Avenue and Northern Parkway.

The bike lanes veer to the left and then back to the right between segments of parked cars as if it were a slalom course. And the bike lanes switch inconsistently between the traffic side or curb side at bus stop locations. Parked cars obscure visibility of bikers who are negotiating the numerous and hazardous switchbacks from the curb side to the traffic side of parked cars. Shoppers, library patrons, and Roland Park public school students have to step into the bike lane sometimes paying no attention to the on-coming two wheeled vehicles.

How many bike accidents will need to occur before a safe and reasonable bike lane is implemented?

Ellen Hochman, Towson

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