Yes, some people do follow the Bible to the letter

In dismissing Biblical concerns about gay marriage, don't forget those who follow the book to the letter.

In his recent column ("The conservative case for same-sex marriage," March 29), Eddie Zipperer gives three reasons why conservatives should favor same sex marriage. I find his second, poking fun at the Bible, to be both offensive and ignorant.

As an Orthodox Jew I do indeed try to follow the laws in this book. Let Mr. Zipperer visit my community and he will see many people with a "foot and a half of hair" hanging from their temples. These side curls are called "payos" and they are worn to follow the Biblical command not to cut the corners of one's beard. I also follow the command not to wear a garment with mixed wool and linen (not any mixed fibers as Mr. Zipperer mistakenly claims), and I make use of a local testing service to verify that my clothing is "kosher." Finally, couples in my community do separate during menstruation and are joyously reunited after a spiritual purification procedure afterward. One woman said she feels like a new bride every month!

I certainly do not expect Mr. Zipperer to live as we do; he is entitled to his own beliefs as we are to ours. But I do expect him to educate himself about matters he wishes to ridicule, and I request — no, I demand — that he respect others' religious views.

Andrew Goldfinger, Baltimore

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