Be thankful you have power at all

I am so tired of reading complaints about the power issues after the hurricane ("Officials attack BGE over power outages," Sept. 1). Yes, there were truly some disasters and people did lose their lives and property was damaged. For the majority of us it was just an inconvenience, some loss of food, grumbling children, and disturbed pets. In a lot of other countries there would not be a problem with getting the power back on, there would be no power to put on or stores to go to in the meantime for food or coffee or Internet or radio updates about the storm etc.

For the lady who complained that her frozen breast milk was threatened, look at the pictures of Somali malnourished children and babies who won't probably live another day and there is nothing their mothers can do about it. We really need to stop and give thanks for what we do have.

Pat Cameron, Gambrills

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