BGE deserves an 'F' for post-Irene performance

I was one of many at the Public Service Commission's hearing Tuesday night who had a story to share about BGE's poor performance after Hurricane Irene. The meeting did not start out well, as the 100 plus group of people who showed up were locked out of the building due to the failure of the PSC and BGE/Constellation officials to show up on time.

BGE workers, many of them hired from out of state, who were sent to repair lines and do cleanup are not the ones to blame. They are working people doing their best. The problem is the executives who pocket millions in compensation each year yet still want to pass along the $90 million bill for post-Irene cleanup to BGE customers already burdened with some of the highest utility bills in the country. There is also nothing good about BGE/Constellation execs hiring out of town workers when 25 percent of Baltimoreans live in poverty and 21 percent of us are unemployed or underemployed. If the PSC is serious about their mission to protect the public interest, they will stop any future rate hikes for BGE customers and give an "F" to BGE for their performance.

Dottie McGinnis, Baltimore

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